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holmes-larabee bridge



Q: Why replace the existing bridge?

A: This project will improve public safety and provide residents, emergency vehicles, and resource equipment with year‐round access across the Eel River by replacing the existing bridge with a full-height, full‐service bridge. Currently, the bridge is only formally open five months of the year because the Eel River's water level rises and floods the bridge. When the bridge is impassable, residents have to travel an extra 45 minutes on a steep, narrow gravel logging road that runs across private property and is prone to landslides.

Q: How is the project being funded?

A: The Holmes‐Larabee Bridge Replacement Project is 100% federally funded through the FHWA Highway Bridge Program utilizing the Toll Credit match, provided the project meets FHWA and Caltrans criteria.

Q: When will the new bridge be constructed?

A: Construction is tentatively planned to take place between 2029 and 2030.* Year 1 would include construction of bridge supports (abutments and piers), and Year 2 would include construction of the bridge and roadway.

*Subject to funding availability

See the Project Fact Sheet for additional information.


County of Humboldt


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