Holmes and Larabee are two unincorporated areas of Humboldt County located along the wild and scenic Eel River. Larabee is connected to Holmes via a seasonal low-water crossing/bridge across the Eel River. Currently, the bridge is open formally only 5 months each year due to the Eel River water level rising and flooding the bridge.  Because of this, residents have to travel an extra 45 minutes on a steep, narrow gravel logging road across private property and that is prone to landslides.

The low-water crossing was built in 1937 and acquired by the County in 1959. The bridge spans about half of the typical river channel and each spring the county grades approaches across the gravel bar to allow for summertime use.

In 2013, the low-water crossing was closed by Caltrans to all traffic due to structural inadequacy. In 2014, Humboldt County borrowed a Bailey Bridge from Mendocino County to provide an alternate downstream low-water crossing. In summer 2016, the County completed a repair project so that the low-water crossing/bridge can be utilized while the new all-season bridge project was being developed.

Read more about the proposed Holmes-Larabee Bridge Replacement Project by clicking here.



*Estimated timeline subject to change

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