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holmes-larabee bridge



The County plans to replace the low-water crossing with a full-height, full-service bridge that allows residents, emergency vehicles, and resource equipment year-round access across the Eel River. To design this modern, safe bridge, the County has enlisted the help of Consor.


Once completed, the Holmes-Larabee Bridge Replacement Project will reduce travel time by 45 minutes and allow users to avoid travel on a steep, narrow gravel logging road across private property that is prone to landslides. 

Check out video simulations of driving over the proposed bridge and renderings of the proposed project:

Project Status

Over the next several years, the County and Consor team will work together to design and construct the new bridge, which also involves obtaining environmental clearance and a variety of regulatory agency permits.

The Environmental Document and technical studies are in progress. Use the link below to view the Environmental Study Limits.

Links to Additional Information


Phase 1 (2018-2022) - Complete

  • Prepared alternatives

  • Initial public meetings and input

  • Completed Type Selection Report

Phase 2 (2022-2027) - In Progress

  • Complete preliminary engineering technical studies

  • Develop environmental technical studies and CEQA/NEPA Environmental Documents

  • Estimated 3-5 years depending on level of Environmental Document and studies necessary

Phase 3 (2027-2029)

  • Hydraulic/geotechnical engineering 

  • Utility and right-of-way coordination

  • Final plans and specifications

  • Construction bid advertisement and award

  • Estimated 2-3 years

Phase 4 (2029-2030)

  • Construction

  • Estimated 2 years

Above: Simulation of driving over the proposed bridge.

View additional simulations.

Above: Rendering of proposed Holmes-Larabee Bridge.

View the Photo Gallery

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